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United Ethanol LLC

Milton, WI

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Capacity increase: 20%

Reduction in Natural Gas: 1,200 BTU/gal (334 kJ/Litre)

Reduction in Cooling Water: 1,200 BTU/gal (334 kJ/Litre)

Reduction in plant’s electrical load by ~7%

By removing recycle of regen to rectifier, fusel oils moved to rectifier from stripping column where they can be removed easily from the draw points – minimised recycle of fusels to fermentation

Fluctuations removed in rectifier column

Distillation & dehydration debottlenecked

Overall improvements in plant operation & efficiency

Expandability built in from Day 1 - expansion of Whitefox ICE® system possible by adding an additional module


Location: Milton, WI

Plant design: Delta - T

Feedstock: Corn

Application: Biofuels (U.S. Fuel Grade)

Nameplate Capacity: 60 MMGPY (227 MMLPY)

Whitefox ICE® Design Capacity: 36,000 std GPD

(136,300 std LPD)

Project Status: Started-up in Q4 2018