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Fox River to install Whitefox ICE® to achieve its ambitious efficiency targets

Whitefox will deliver its Whitefox ICE® system later in 2017 based on its modular bolt-on design, simplifying installation and shortening delivery times.

Fox River Valley Ethanol LLC confirms that it is installing a Whitefox ICE® modular bolt-on system at its plant in Oshkosh, WI. This makes it the first Wisconsin-based ethanol plant to install a Whitefox ICE® system and the third installation in the US, following installations at Pacific Ethanol in California and Pine Lake Corn Processors in Iowa.

Fox River is installing the Whitefox ICE® solution to remove process bottlenecks and reduce its energy consumption. The objective is to free up capacity in the distillation-dehydration section to enable an increase in production of up to 15% and reduce steam consumption. With this project Fox River will reduce its energy footprint, further enhancing the production of sustainable and renewable energy for the local community.

Neal Kemmet, Fox River Valley President and General Manager, commented: “Reducing energy and water consumption at our plant is a priority for us. We followed the Whitefox installation at Pine Lake Corn Processors and it became clear to us that this solution would help us achieve our strategy to increase production, improve energy efficiency and profitability. We are excited about working with the team at Whitefox on a project that will make a real difference.”

Gillian Harrison, CEO of Whitefox says: “Neal Kemmet and his team at Fox River were quick to grasp the benefits of our Whitefox ICE® solution and how it could help them to achieve their efficiency targets. We have been impressed by the level of understanding of the team and the drive to continuously improve their operations. This is an important project for Whitefox and we are very pleased that Fox River is the first plant in Wisconsin to take advantage of our membrane solution.”

Fox River is also the first installation to be based on Whitefox’s modular bolt-on design (MBO) which is pre-fabricated and shipped to site. The MBO simplifies the system implementation and installation whilst reducing delivery times. Harrison says: “We have listened to our customers and the challenges they face with day-to-day operations when installing new equipment. We therefore developed the MBO to reduce on site disruption, shorten the timeline for completion and ultimately reduce the costs to our customers of installing a Whitefox ICE® solution”.

About Fox River Valley Ethanol LLC

Fox River Valley Ethanol is a 60 million gallon per year Delta T facility located in Oshkosh Wisconsin. Building of the plant began in 2002 and it has expanded over time to meet demand. It produces biofuels, Wet Distillers Grains and Dried Distillers Grains, which are high protein animal feed sold to local farmers and renewable CO2 which is used in a variety of industries including meat and poultry and bottling.

About Whitefox Technologies Limited

Established in 2000, Whitefox specializes in technology development and process integration based on its proprietary membrane solutions. Whitefox’s Integrated Cartridge Efficiency (Whitefox ICETM) is a membrane-based dehydration technology with a small footprint. Its efficient designs help reduce operation & maintenance costs by simplifying production and improve carbon intensity (CI) scores by reducing energy and water consumption in ethanol and organic chemical manufacturing processes. Whitefox provides solutions for fuel ethanol, other biofuels, and industrial alcohol production in the U.S., Canada, Europe and South America.

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