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Redfield Energy, on a journey towards Net Zero with Whitefox ICE® Plus membrane solution

Whitefox ICE Plus membrane solution provides yet another ethanol producer with the opportunity to enhance energy savings, reduce cooling water demand, increase capacity and lower their carbon intensity score.

Redfield, SD, June 12, 2023Whitefox Technologies is pleased to announce that Redfield Energy LLC, has decided to implement a Whitefox ICE® Plus membrane dehydration system at its ethanol plant located in Redfield, SD. This project is Whitefox’s first ICE Plus project in the U.S. It represents a major milestone towards delivering Net Zero benefits, whilst also debottlenecking the plant’s ability to deliver additional ethanol capacity. The project is estimated to be operational in Q3 2024.  

The Whitefox ICE Plus system is designed to work with Redfield’s existing dehydration technology and will provide an additional 12% capacity taking the plant to 70 MMGPY from Day 1, sized to get the Plant to 90 MMGPY over time. The solution is, coupled with the ability to integrate and conserve a significant amount of energy, up to 5,000 BTU per gallon of ethanol produced. The solution also reduces the demand for cooling water and provides the operational benefits associated with a Whitefox ICE solution in terms of reducing recycle streams and dehydrating ethanol in a continuous 24/7 process. The Whitefox ICE Plus solution uses the same membrane technology associated with Whitefox ICE, which is currently being deployed in 11 US Ethanol plants. It’s a solution which not only helps ethanol reach its Net Zero goals, but also makes plants more profitable and sustainable.  

Eric Baukol, CEO of Redfield Energy states “It’s an exciting time to be in the industry. If you had 10 CEO’s in a room they might map out that many different versions of the future for their biorefineries as far as which markets and products they intend to compete in.  All of these versions of the future start with efficiencies and a drive toward making our Net Zero pledge a reality, and we feel we’re making a great step forward in that regard with this Whitefox project. 

Virginia Andrade, Whitefox Engineering Manager commented “Whitefox ICE Plus was developed as we listened to ethanol producers who were looking for enhanced energy savings as they considered the journey towards Net Zero. The solution is ideal where the plant’s existing molecular sieves still have lifetime. ICE Plus is able to de-load the molecular sieves and provide additional lifetime to this technology, but also act as a stepping stone to finally replace molecular sieves and transition towards a sole membrane solution, Whitefox ICE XL when the time is right”.  

Our process engineers worked closely with the Redfield Energy’s team throughout the initial project phase and together designed a tailored solution that not only fits to the distinctive features of the plant, but allows Redfield Energy to fulfil their business objectives. It has been a real pleasure to work with Eric Baukol, Ryan Siebrecht, Josh Underberg, Angela Turck and Casey Stoner and the team at the Redfield plant.” 


At Redfield, our mission is to operate a profitable and innovative ethanol facility, be the preferred market for locally grown corn, and provide a quality feed product. In April 2007, Redfield Energy became operational as a dry mill plant. It has the space to process approximately 22 million bushels of corn into ethanol per year. Approximately 230,000 tons of modified wet and dry distillers grain is produced and sold to the local and west coast markets. .

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Whitefox is a world-leading membrane technology company headquartered in London, UK with a strong presence in North America through our Membrane & Engineering Centre of Excellence based in Calgary, Alberta, our U.S. Field Services Team in Omaha. Whitefox has over 20 years of experience in delivering costeffective solutions to dehydrate ethanol and other organics components using our Whitefox ICE® systems. Whitefox membrane technology has been successful in dehydrating over 700 million gallons of ethanol using the currently installed base of 150 MMgy. This installed base is expected to nearly double in 2023. 

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