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The Benefits

A molecular sieve based bioethanol facility in North America was operating at full capacity and the customer wanted to increase capacity. The aim was to maximize the plant capacity without an increase in energy consumption. The results show that significant improvements to an existing plant are possible through retrofit.


Capacity (MMGPY)

Steam DDE (BTU/galE)10,9009,900

Cooling Water (galCW/galE)

Steam Saving (USD)-$0.4m
Carbon Intensity (CI) Benefits-$1.0m
Contribution (extra gallons)-$1.7m
Whitefox membrane technology provides the following benefits:

• Capacity increase up to 25%
• Diversify to lower moisture for export
• Energy saving up to 12%
• Emission saving up to 2 CI points
• Cooling Water reduction up to 15%
• Reduction in operational and maintenance cost