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Molecular Sieve Sidestream Solutions

Whitefox’s Integrated Cartridge Efficiency (ICE) uses membrane-based cartridge technology that enables clients to produce ethanol to the highest market standards in the most energy- and water-efficient way. With a small footprint, Whitefox’s scalable systems can be adapted to a variety of processes and organic solvent applications such as ethanol, butanol or methanol. ICE® can be integrated into existing production plants as well as new builds.

Over the past decade, Whitefox has built a diverse portfolio of projects, each uniquely tailored to match a range of customer requirements: capacity expansion, steam savings, high purity products, small footprint and ease of integration.

The Challenge

Molecular sieves are commonly used for ethanol dehydration. Recycle streams generated during distillation and molecular sieve dehydration create bottlenecks and limit plant expansion:

1. Molecular sieves regenerate streams are recycled to distillation increasing load and energy consumption in the columns

2. Fusel Oil Draws (FOD) from distillation columns have to be reprocessed in the molecular sieve, blended with the final product (adding moisture) or go through water intensive decantation

The Whitefox Solution

The Whitefox ICE® is a non-intrusive, bolt-on, membrane solution that works alongside existing plants to remove such bottlenecks:

i. Whitefox ICE® can dehydrate water-rich recycle streams (up to 50 wt%) to target moisture in one pass

ii. Whitefox ICE® can directly dehydrate FODs target moisture avoiding residual fusel oil entrainment into fermentation and improve molecular sieve operation

This significantly reduces the load on distillation columns and molecular sieves allowing for plant expansion, energy and cooling water savings.

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