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Whitefox ICE®-XL

Whitefox’s Integrated Cartridge Efficiency (ICE) uses membrane-based cartridge technology that enables clients to produce ethanol to the highest market standards in the most energy- and water-efficient way.

With a small footprint, Whitefox’s scalable systems can be adapted to a variety of processes and organic solvent applications such as ethanol, butanol or methanol. ICE® can be integrated into existing production plants as well as new builds.

The Challenge

Molecular Sieve Dehydration is a Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology commonly used in ethanol production.

  • Operation is cyclical with a variety of recycle streams, creating bottlenecks in Distillation, Dehydration & Evaporation (DD&E).

  • The conventional molecular sieve dehydration method is energy intensive as 184 – 190 Proof is required as the molecular sieve feed.

The Whitefox Solution

Whitefox ICE®-XL is a proprietary integrated solution fully replacing the existing molecular sieves, establishing continuous dehydration and reducing the energy consumption per gallon of ethanol produced, through:

  • Reconfiguration of existing distillation,
  • Installation of a 100% energy neutral Whitefox ICE-XL system,
  • Elimination of i) 190P condensation and ii) re-vaporization steps, and
  • Steam reduction in evaporation due to 25% lower water load

The Benefits

  • Reduce steam consumption of DD&E to 8,000 BTU/gal
  • Stable, continuous operation of distillation and dehydration (no pressure swings)
  • Cooling water reduction
  • Elimination of molecular sieve dust contamination
  • Diversify to lower moisture for export
  • Re-use existing infrastructure
  • Emission saving - Carbon Intensity (CI) point reduction
  • Reduction in operational and maintenance cost
Whitefox membrane technology provides the following benefits:

• Capacity increase up to 25%
• Diversify to lower moisture for export
• Energy saving up to 12%
• Cooling Water reduction up to 15%
• Reduction in operational and maintenance cost

If you are interested in the Whitefox ICE®-XL solution then please contact Whitefox for further information.

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