Inspired by nature

Our purpose is to reduce energy and water waste, enabling society to make more from less

Energy consumption is growing; water demand is rising; carbon emissions are harming our environment. At Whitefox, we are doing something about it.

To achieve our purpose we focus on improving the efficiency and productivity of industrial separation processes, enabling us to have a global impact.

Most industrial processes involve steps to separate different components and remove water. Such steps are normally done by applying heat to separate molecules by boiling point, or by adsorption processes, all of which consume significant amounts of energy.

Industrial separation processes based on thermal energy, such as distillation, account for 10-15% of the world’s energy consumption.

By developing membrane-based solutions we can dramatically reduce the energy needed to make the products we consume.

Industry is a heavy consumer of water. Humans consume around 8% of the world’s accessible potable water, whereas industry consumes around 20%.

Many typical industrial process steps add water, recirculate water and need cooling water for separations.

By developing membrane-based solutions to reduce water in industrial processes, we help reduce that 20%, freeing up more accessible water for all of us.

Our inspiration comes from nature. Membranes are the most efficient separation mechanism found in nature. We develop membrane-based separation processes to try and get as close to the process efficiencies we find in nature.

For every membrane installation we deliver, we reduce energy and water consumption in industrial processes. This gets us a step closer to our purpose – and ensures that there is more clean water and energy available for a growing population.

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