Stephan Blum

Chief Technical Officer and Director

Stephan Blum co-founded Whitefox in 2000 and is a driving force behind the development of the company's membrane solutions. He heads the Membrane Centre of Excellence in Calgary as well as the group’s technology and IP development. Stephan has designed and delivered customer projects ranging from integrated chemical reactors for pharmaceutical plants to high-quality potable and fuel ethanol installations.

Stephan obtained his PhD in Chemical Engineering in Germany and is an internationally recognised expert in membrane process design. He is fluent in English and German and has a good command of French. He has lived and worked in Germany, Malaysia and Canada.

Prior to Whitefox, Stephan was development manager at Cognis Deutschland GmbH, responsible for new products and technologies. He then went on to head the membrane research group at Henkel KGaA and the membrane reactor production plant at KEPEC GmbH.

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