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United Ethanol LLC to install Whitefox ICE® to reduce energy and boost production capacity

The modular bolt-on membrane system will increase production rates, improve energy and operational efficiencies and reduce cooling water load.

United Ethanol LLC is to install a Whitefox ICE® membrane system at its plant in Milton, Wisconsin. The modular bolt-on system frees up capacity in the distillation dehydration section which enables the plant to increase its annual production capacity to over 60 million gallons. Removing process bottlenecks also reduces energy consumption and cooling water load. The overall effect is a more efficient, easy-to-operate plant, and a more profitable asset for United Ethanol shareholders.

David Cramer, United Ethanol President and CEO, says: “Many U.S. ethanol plants are increasing production capacity to capitalize on market opportunities. The Whitefox system allows us to expand and at the same time reduce natural gas, power and cooling water usage. This helps us to achieve our overall mission of being a low-cost producer of fuel ethanol, enabling United Ethanol to maximize the returns for our shareholders while providing economic benefits to our local Wisconsin communities.”

Chad Campbell, United Ethanol COO, quickly understood the benefits of Whitefox ICE® after seeing a similar installation at Pine Lake Corn Processors in Iowa: “We are looking forward to the positive impact we expect to see from the beer column through to dehydration, as removing the regen stream will help to eliminate our current bottlenecks and stabilize operations. We are always keen to introduce technology improvements and ensure we are as efficient as we can be.”

Paul Kamp, Whitefox VP of Business Development North America, added: “A Whitefox ICE® installation is a non-disruptive, integrated bolt-on solution that dehydrates the recycle streams from the molecular sieves to finished, in-spec fuel ethanol product. We are very pleased to be working with United Ethanol and look forward to delivering a fourth Whitefox ICE® installation in the U.S. in 2018.”

Gillian Harrison, CEO of Whitefox says: “I was struck by the visionary approach of United Ethanol to bring the local agri-business community together through ethanol production. United Ethanol is an excellent example of how the U.S. ethanol industry benefits US consumers by producing a high-quality, low cost fuel and helps to support rural America. We are very happy to be working together with Mr Cramer and his team.”

About Whitefox Technologies Limited

Whitefox Technologies, with 22 years of industrial experience, is a leading solutions provider for fuel ethanol and other alcohol production processes. Specializing in technology development and process integration based on proprietary membrane solutions, its efficient designs reduce energy and water consumption in fuel ethanol and other renewable fuel and chemical production processes. Whitefox provides solutions for alcohol producers in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and South America.

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