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World Ethanol & Biofuels Digital Dialogues – Joint Webinar with Christoph Berg, MD of F.O. Licht and Gillian Harrison, CEO of Whitefox!

Watch the important bi-annual update on Global Ethanol Production Expansion, Trade and Technology held on May 18 2021.

In a joint webinar, Christoph Berg, Managing Director F.O.Licht, and Gillian Harrison, CEO Whitefox Technologies Limited covered important topics including:

  • Biofuels and feedstock markets in 2021
  • Policy changes: Volumes vs C02 targets and REDII
  • Lockdown impacts on ethanol
  • Developments in key markets: supply and demand in the US, Brazil, India, Asia and EU
  • The importance of ethanol plant flexibility to seize new market opportunities such as SAF, high-grade ethanol
  • Technologies available to aid the ethanol industry’s drive towards NetZero by 2050

You can watch the webinar OnDemand using the link

The webinar will also be available on the world ethanol website for 1 year, event page and https://informaconnect.com/world-ethanol-biofuels/webinars/