Whitefox is a membrane and engineering solutions company. We specialise in technology development and process integration based on our proprietary membrane solutions.

For 20 years, we have pioneered innovative solutions to achieve efficient separations which significantly reduce energy and water requirements across multiple, industrial markets. Whitefox harnesses deep engineering and chemical experience with a shared passion for innovation, coupled with a collective commitment to reduce carbon emissions.

Our purpose is to develop efficient industrial solutions which benefit owners, customers, and the planet at large through producing more from less.

Our mission is to deliver solutions that simplify and increase the efficiency of production, to reduce energy and water consumption, achieve Net Zero emissions and make industry more profitable.

This is the era of reversing the social and environmental harm caused by industrialisation.

We need to redefine the relationship between sustainability and profit. We believe the future lies in solutions that increase both sustainability and profit through efficiency.

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A Trusted Company

Whitefox is a trusted, authentic partner with 20 years experience and a well-known reputation in the ethanol space.

Driven by technology

We are innovators and changemakers who shape technology to push boundaries and challenge conventional thinking.

Proven results

We can show you installations where the efficiencies we provide are increasing productivity and reducing environmental impact.



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