Whitefox is a membrane and engineering solutions company. We specialise in technology development and process integration based on our proprietary membrane solutions.

For 20 years, we have pioneered innovative solutions to achieve efficient separations which significantly reduce energy and water requirements across multiple, industrial markets. Whitefox harnesses deep engineering and chemical experience with a shared passion for innovation, coupled with a collective commitment to reduce carbon emissions.

Our purpose is to develop efficient industrial solutions which benefit owners, customers, and the planet at large through producing more from less.

Our mission is to deliver solutions that simplify and increase the efficiency of production, to reduce energy and water consumption, achieve Net Zero emissions and make industry more profitable.

This is the era of reversing the social and environmental harm caused by industrialisation.

We need to redefine the relationship between sustainability and profit. We believe the future lies in solutions that increase both sustainability and profit through efficiency.

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A Trusted Company

Whitefox is a trusted, authentic partner with 20 years experience and a well-known reputation in the ethanol space.

Driven by technology

We are innovators and changemakers who shape technology to push boundaries and challenge conventional thinking.

Proven results

We can show you installations where the efficiencies we provide are increasing productivity and reducing environmental impact.

Our Leadership Team

Gillian Harrison

Chief Executive Officer

Gillian is responsible for our strategic direction and overall management of the group. A qualified solicitor, she has broad experience in large-scale oil and gas projects, international corporate finance, restructuring, and cross-border M&A. Gillian is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

Stephan Blum

Chief Technical Officer and Director

Stephan, our co-founder, is an internationally recognised expert in membrane process design and a driving force behind the development of our membrane solutions. He heads our Membrane Centre of Excellence in Calgary as well as the group’s technology and IP development. He speaks English, German and French.

Trond Heggenhougen

Chief Business Development Officer and Director

Trond is a qualified engineer and an expert on corporate strategy and business development, including grant funded R&D projects. As CBDO his focus is on opening up opportunities for new applications to diversify our markets. Trond is fluent in Norwegian and English and speaks German.

Nicholas Briggs

Financial Director

Nicholas advises the group on our strategic, financial and commercial goals. He has been responsible for establishing the UK finance team and manages the group’s finance function. Logical, analytical and successful at driving change, Nicholas is also entrepreneurial and focussed on value creation. He speaks English and French.

Malcolm Rock

Chief Operating Officer

Malcolm is responsible for the group’s operations, from ensuring that the right team, systems and resources are in place to deliver projects, to managing the supply chain and key relationships. He is a mechanical engineer with a master’s degree in Manufacturing Management & Technology.

Peter Tarn

General Counsel and Company Secretary

Peter is responsible for all legal aspects of the business and has a key role in ensuring strong corporate governance. A qualified solicitor in England and Wales and a registered foreign lawyer in Brazil, he has broad experience in the energy sector and is fluent in English and Portuguese.

Tony Short

Head of Global Sales

Tony is responsible for developing our commercial proposition across global markets. He is a qualified chemist with an MBA. He has experience in global markets selling both capital equipment and aftermarket solutions in the Oil & Gas, Filtration and Specialty Chemicals markets. Tony speaks English and Spanish and is learning Portuguese.

Jessica Lopez

Product Engineering Manager

Jessica has a background in membrane characterization, plant design, operations and performance modelling of membrane dehydration of ethanol. Jessica managed the scale-up of Whitefox’s membrane technology for ethanol dehydration from lab scale through demonstration scale and into industrial projects. Jessica is responsible for membrane performance tracking, maintenance, and development of other membrane-based processes.

Virginia Andrade

Process Engineering Manager

Virginia is responsible for all aspects related to process development to ensure the most efficient membrane solutions are provided to the market. She leads a group of process engineers who design and optimize processes to support sales activities, customer project delivery and R&D. She is a qualified Chemical Engineer with a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering. She is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

James Zhou

System Engineering Manager

James is responsible for integration of Whitefox’s membrane solutions into existing biofuels production facilities, including the concept or basic engineering design, detailed engineering design activities, providing technical guidance to the field team for the commissioning, start-up and shutdown, and troubleshooting operating issues during the normal operating. He has more than 30 years of comprehensive experience in process engineering design, and he holds a P.Eng with Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA).

Andrew Hetherington

Group Financial Controller

Andrew is responsible for the group’s operational and day-to-day finances, and leads on accounting software systems development. He has been a qualified accountant since 2004, and has accumulated experience across a wide range of industries, including start-ups and more established companies. He has an engineering degree and PhD, and an analytical and system-driven mindset.



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