Whitefox ICE® FLEX is transforming ethanol through diversification.


To produce high-grade ethanol, fermentation trace components (congeners) need to be removed. Process includes removal of water, low boiling and high boiling components. Odor removal is alaso sometimes needed to maintain high-quality product (eg USP grade). Conventional high-grade ethanol distillation and dehydration requires a water removal step followed by a low boilers removal step followed by a high boilers removal step.

This process is:

  • CAPEX intensive, with multiple distillation columns required
  • Energy intensive / high steam demand
  • May require addition of expensive chemicals
  • May require frequent changing of filters for odor removal


The Whitefox ICE FLEX system is designed to overcome limitations through a non-intrusive, bolton solution that works alongside existing plants, it produces on-spec high grade product (like USP) in a cost and energy efficient manner.

  • A unique sequence: low boiler removal followed by water removal followed by high boiler removal. Low boiler removal prior to dehydration eliminates continuous acetal formation
  • Anhydrous USP spec can be obtained without the addition of chemicals or the use of extractive distillation (no dilution of feed)
  • Odour removal option add-on where needed.
  • Major energy savings are achieved across the plant (fuel + high grade production) compared to conventional systems
  • Whitefox ICE FLEX is designed for flexibility. The same system can produce 100% USP grade ethanol, 100% fuel grade ethanol or a combination of fuel / USP grades

The Benefits

  • Flexibility to switch between anhydrous high grade and fuel grade
  • Steam and CW consumption around 75% less than traditional high grade systems based on distillation alone
  • Increased revenues and margins for a better-balanced business
  • Improved Carbon Footprint – 1-2 reduced CI points when producing fuel grade
  • Improvements in day-to-day plant operations by eliminating recycle load in distillation and dehydration from the MSU Regen

Whitefox membrane technology provides the following benefits

Capacity increase up to 25%

Diversify to lower moisture for export

Energy saving up to 12%

Cooling Water reduction up to 15%

Reduction in operational and maintenance cost

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