The Whitefox Pledge


Our commitment to ensuring operational excellence for our customers and their plants.

Ensuring the longevity of our membrane solutions is fundamental to our founding values. The Whitefox Pledge strengthens our partnerships and ensures operational excellence for our customers.

What does The Pledge entail?

Through ongoing measurement, maintenance, and support of our ICE® solutions, post-installation, we strive to extend the lifetime of our cartridges, prevent processing disruptions, reduce our customers’ ongoing operating expenditures (OPEX) costs, and provide tailored diagnostic information to maximize the functionality of our solutions.

Essentially, the Whitefox Pledge helps our customers achieve their unique goals.

“We’ve always worked very closely with the customer to make sure that we’re developing something that fits their specific needs, and the pledge is a continuation of that.”

Jessica Lopez, Product Engineering Manager


We are fully invested in our customer relationships, placing value on quality, reliability, and great service to nurture trust and respect.

“It’s fundamental for us to establish an open line of communication, and a strong partnership is a key indicator for us to understand how the Whitefox Pledge is making an impact.”

Jackie Hayes, Business Development Manager

Through both initial and post-installation communication, we stay in the know so we can optimize our technology to continue pioneering energy-saving solutions for the biofuels industry.


Harnessing and optimizing data is essential to driving efficient production. Through ongoing data collection, we analyze this data and present it to our customers so that we can understand its impact together.

We take a proactive, preventative approach to cartridge maintenance, and work together with our customers to ensure smooth operations.

Aligning Solutions with Goals

By developing customer-specific key performance indicators (KPIs), we put this data to work and create a plan with our customers that allows us to enable their near and long-term goals together.

It’s part of The Whitefox Pledge to honour this commitment along with the growing needs of both our industry and the planet.

“We’re a solutions company, not a product company. We take measures for each customer to ensure that we are delivering solutions specific to their needs.”

Michael Rice, Director of Project Delivery and Customer Support

TRAINING Programme

Through a proactive training program that provides routine interactions with our customers’ operators, we will transfer membrane expertize from our lab team to the end customer to optimize the use of our technologies.

By holding annual training sessions, we look to continually support our customers as partners in paving the way towards Net Zero emissions and a prosperous biorefining sector.

“Achieving excellence by transparency, honesty, integrity, education, always thinking about the long term for our customers, those are Whitefox’s values, and the Pledge delivers exactly that.”

Sam Cushing, Head of People and Culture


Our team is committed to supporting customers. With a diversified range of skills, experience and expertize, our Pledge team carry through Whitefox commitments to maintaining excellence, and pioneering solutions.

Tony Short

Head of Global Sales

Tony is responsible for developing our commercial proposition across global markets. He is a qualified chemist with an MBA. He has experience in global markets selling both capital equipment and aftermarket solutions in the Oil & Gas, Filtration and Specialty Chemicals markets. Tony speaks English and Spanish and is learning Portuguese.

Jessica Lopez

Product Engineering Manager

Jessica has a background in membrane characterization, plant design, operations and performance modelling of membrane dehydration of ethanol. Jessica managed the scale-up of Whitefox’s membrane technology for ethanol dehydration from lab scale through demonstration scale and into industrial projects. Jessica is responsible for membrane performance tracking, maintenance, and development of other membrane-based processes.

Michael Rice

Director of Project Implementation

Bringing nearly 30 years of engineering experience to our team, Michael is responsible for working to ensure that our systems continue to provide the benefits our customers need, tying responsibility for project design, implementation and delivery into one role. Michael has both a BS in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration.

Jackie Hayes

Business Development Manager

Jackie is responsible for establishing and maintaining strong relationships with our US customers. With over 7 years’ experience in the ethanol sector, Jackie is passionate about the bioeconomy. A skilled business development practitioner, project manager, and excels in meeting and exceeding the needs of stakeholders. Jackie holds a BA in Public Relations and an MBA. Jackie speaks English and is learning French.

Virginia Andrade

Process Engineering Manager

Virginia is responsible for all aspects related to process development to ensure the most efficient membrane solutions are provided to the market. She leads a group of process engineers who design and optimize processes to support sales activities, customer project delivery and R&D. She is a qualified Chemical Engineer with a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering. She is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Quick Response & Strategic Supply

With boots on the ground accessible to any plant within hours, we can provide rapid response services to damaged or broken cartridges. Furthermore, in the event of an emergency, Whitefox can provide a quick response cartridge dehydration solution.

Monitoring and Reporting

  • Quarterly Performance Reports
  • Annual Refresher Training
  • Operational Upgrade

Investigation and Assistance

  • Engineering Support
  • Ad Hoc Performance Analysis


  • Service Exchange Cartridges
  • Individual Cartridge Inspection
  • Emergency Replacement Cartridges
  • Cartridge Repair
  • Cartridge Remanufacture
  • New Cartridges

Commitment to the New Energy Revolution

Ensuring the longevity of our membranes and optimizing operations within our customers’ plants is fundamental to our founding value to produce more from less. The Whitefox Pledge elevates both our systems and technologies to the level that change-makers within our industry deserve and creates the sustainable, low carbon products that our industry needs.



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