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Whitefox ICE XL


BGW installs Whitefox ICE®- XL Membrane Dehydration System to produce Fuel Ethanol and high purity ethanol at its Rąbczyn plant. 

Whitefox ICE® XL membrane solution provides energy efficient ethanol production, reduced cooling water demand and lower carbon intensity score at the plant.

Poznan, Poland, 21st November 2023 – Whitefox Technologies is pleased to announce that BGW sp. z o.  has installed Whitefox ICE®-XL technology at its 108 MLPY plant in Rąbczyn, and is producing both fuel grade ethanol and high grade ethanol through Whitefox engineering solutions. BGW is the first European Fuel Ethanol customer to install this technology, a big step for Whitefox as it continues to expand its global presence, with BGW having scaled up from their Whitefox ICE® installation in 2021. 

Bartosz Walkowiak, President of BGW said “By adopting a Whitefox ICE-XL system we can accept feed at high moisture content to achieve fuel grade ethanol and the flexibility to produce pharmaceutical grade in a single pass. This is a major breakthrough in our drive for continuous improvement delivering significant operational process benefits and reducing OPEX costs associated with reduced maintenance costs.”  

Tony Short, Head of Global Sales at Whitefox Technologies states “BGW’s vision and entrepreneurial drive was clear for all of us at Whitefox from the early days of our association. We are delighted that together we have been able to design a solution that provides the necessary product flexibility to adapt to market conditions whilst at the same time engineering an efficient solution by reducing energy and operational costs. We congratulate BGW, and we look forward to working with them as they continue to explore market opportunities.” 

Whitefox ICE-XL is a proprietary integrated solution which fully replaces the existing molecular sieves. It continues to establish continuous dehydration and reduces the energy consumption per gallon of ethanol produced. Through reconfiguration of existing distillations, the Whitefox ICE-XL solution reduces energy consumption by up to 50% – up to 7 carbon intensity (CI) points. This not only reduces natural gas consumption by up to 8,000 BTU/gallon, but significantly reduces operational and maintenance costs. 

This is an exciting step for both companies, collaborating in working towards harnessing and optimising solutions within ethanol production through shared goals of minimising production waste, lowering CI scores and optimising plant capacity. 

ABOUT BGW Sp. z o.o  

BGW Sp. z o.o. (formerly BGW Wielobranżowe Przedsiębiorstwo Handlowe Sp. z o.o.) was established in 1990 as a civil law partnership, on October 6, 1997 it was transformed into a limited liability company, with an initial capital of PLN 13,500,000. Initially, the company based its activity on the trade of liquid fuels and motor oils. Over the years, through continuous investments, it has expanded its activity to other industries and currently the basic direction of the company’s activities is the production of ethanol at the Production Plant in Rąbczyn. 

The company purchased the Distillery in Rąbczyn in 2002, and as a result of the continuous modernization process, have a plant with industrial production capacity. In addition, the Company has firmly established itself on the market of components for the production of feed due to the fact that the production of ethanol produces dried corn decoction DDGS and corn oil. 

Presently, the company consists of Ethanol and Feed Production Plant in Rąbczyn, Research and Development Centre in Poznań, Oborniki Plant, Liquid Fuels Wholesaler, 2 Lotos Petrol Stations, Warehouse Base of Excise Products in Oborniki and Automotive Center,District Vehicle Inspection Station 



Whitefox specializes in technology development and process integration based on its proprietary membrane solutions. Whitefox ICE® (Integrated Cartridge Efficiency) is a bolt-on solution developed for the ethanol industry. With a small footprint, it is designed to de-bottleneck distillation and dehydration, which boosts output, improves CI scores by reducing energy and water consumption and reduces operation & maintenance costs by simplifying operations. Whitefox provides solutions for all types of alcohols, biofuels, and renewable chemicals in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and South America. www.whitefox.com

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