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Accelerating Innovation and Energy Savings in order to make Net Zero a Reality


Ethanol Producer Magazine Showcase’s Whitefox’s  CI-Reducing Dehydration Technology  

With our engineered membrane systems for dehydration, Whitefox Technologies is helping the ethanol industry in its quest to achieve ultra-low—ultimately zero—net carbon emissions.

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Catching up with our CEO, Gillian Harrison, and Head of Sales, Tony Short, Ethanol Producer Magazine explored:

  • Our Net Zero commitments
  • Our customized alcohol dehydration membrane solutions
  • Why our techologies are relevant for right now
  • Our time at the International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo

“Whitefox Technologies has earned its place among the list of technology providers capable of helping ethanol plants reduce emissions and lower their carbon intensity scores.”

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Ethanol Producer Magazine Features Whitefox