Together, we find the right solution

We work closely with you and your team to understand your production goals, target markets, process bottlenecks or expansion requirements.

Given that we are sector, feedstock and size agnostic we have the flexibility to develop solutions for multiple applications ranging from biofuels, cellulosic and jet-fuel to a variety of organic solvents such as ethanol, acetone and iso-butanol.

Understanding your Goals

We first seek to understand your goals and objectives to make sure Whitefox's membrane solution is right for you.

We assess existing process and operational parameters so that we can provide suitable recommendations that addresses your needs.

For greenfield projects we engage from the conceptual stage sharing our expertise on how membranes can help you to improve the efficiency of your new plant design.

Designing your Solution

After jointly agreeing the best approach we move to engineering design where we combine our process engineering knowledge with membrane expertise to design the optimal solution for your plant.

Our team of chemical and process engineers manages all subsequent steps in the design phase, including process simulations, lab testing, equipment sizing etc. required to meet your goals and objectives.

Project Realisation

Whitefox has a strong in-house engineering capability for integrating its membranes into your process. We will work closely with your team to maximise operational and financial benefits of your project.

Our engineers work alongside external engineering & construction firms to complete project realisation from detailed engineering through to installation.

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Whitefox ICE®

Whitefox ICE® works alongside existing molecular sieve units to remove bottlenecks in bioethanol production caused by fusel oils and regenerate streams


Whitefox ICE®-XL

Whitefox ICE®-XL replaces molecular sieve units for continuous dehydration while reducing energy consumption per unit of ethanol produced


Whitefox Chemicals

Whitefox Chemicals membrane solution removes water in-situ from a reacting mixture to increase yield of the desired product while increasing the rate of reaction


Whitefox Cyclohexane

Whitefox Cyclohexane membrane solution replaces azeotropic distillation reducing the load on primary distillation equipment and thereby steam consumption

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