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Solutions That Fit | The Whitefox ICE Portfolio – Designed for Now & the Future 

The energy industry is at a turning point. Pursuing sustainability goals is no longer merely a choice or a demonstration of goodwill, but a necessity to remain competitive. There are several different inputs of energy that contribute to the overall carbon intensity of ethanol, and how it is made matters. 

Enabling innovation by reducing resource usage and carbon emissions in processing is what we at Whitefox strive to do. Producers can harness the transformational collaboration between trusted and emerging technologies, such as waste heat recovery and co-generation of energy, to move them forward on their pathways towards Net Zero by partnering with Whitefox.  

The suite of scalable Whitefox ICE® membrane solutions is designed to address challenges and opportunities facing the ethanol industry. Our aim is clear – to allow our partners to meet their sustainability targets, stay ahead of regulatory requirements, and drive market competitiveness, all the while reducing operational costs and maximizing yield and quality.  

Our portfolio of solutions focus on our 3Rs – Reduce, Re-use, and Reconfigure. We reduce the amount of energy needed, re-use energy by re-balancing the energy integration and reconfigure the plant with complimentary technologies which will work better in combination with Whitefox’s continuous membranes.  

Whitefox ICE® 

Whitefox ICE is a bolt-on membrane engineered solution, it stabilizes the plant through a continuous dehydration system that can process multiple streams varying in water content. Once in place, you can reduce the cost of energy by reusing the energy streams elsewhere in the plant, reduce cooling water and increase output as needed. Deploying a Whitefox ICE is a significant step in making overall plant operations more efficient and is an important piece to the puzzle of scaling back energy consumption and carbon intensity scores. As plant objectives expand, the Whitefox ICE solution can be upgraded to deliver future benefits and even greater energy savings.  

Whitefox ICE® Plus 

Whitefox ICE Plus is designed to rebalance distillation and evaporation, and shift a portion of molecular sieve dehydration to membranes. This design allows for enhanced energy savings, increased capacity when desired, and maximizes the lifetime of an ethanol plant’s existing molecular sieves, making it an ideal option for plants whose molecular sieves are reaching the end of their lifetime. This solution can eventually be upgraded to Whitefox ICE XL, which fully replaces existing molecular sieves in existing plants and takes you further along on the pathway to Net Zero carbon emissions. 

Whitefox ICE® XL 

Whitefox ICE XL replaces the existing molecular sieves at the plant and incorporates a reconfiguration of energy streams within various unit operations, resulting in a reduction of energy consumption of a conventional ethanol plant by up to 50%. For ethanol producers who seek to reach Net Zero as quickly as possible, or those who want to maximize efficiency in their distillation, dehydration, & evaporation (DD&E) operations, the Whitefox ICE XL solution is an efficient way to reach your goals. Additionally, it has the potential to eliminate the need for natural gas use in when incorporated with complementary technologies.  


Whitefox ICE® Flex 

Whitefox ICE Flex is an add-on to Whitefox ICE and includes the flexibility to switch between anhydrous industrial-grade and fuel-grade ethanol production. Benefits include at least 50% reduced steam and cooling water consumption compared to traditional distillation-based systems, increased revenues and margins, improved carbon footprint, and enhanced day-to-day plant operations. This system offers a more efficient and sustainable solution for ethanol producers who wish to diversify their product portfolios. 

Solutions that fit the future 

Whitefox solutions enable a vision where technology, innovation, and sustainability converge. As we strive to contribute to an ethanol industry which continues on a carbon-conscious path, our commitment to driving positive change through versatile solutions ensures that the industries we serve can navigate the complex landscape of sustainability with confidence. Whitefox ICE solutions stand as pillars of progress, propelling industries towards a cleaner and brighter future. 

Eager to learn more? Reach out to us by emailing solutions@whitefox.com and we’ll schedule an exploratory call.  

About Whitefox Technologies Limited

Whitefox Technologies, with 22 years of industrial experience, is a leading solutions provider for fuel ethanol and other alcohol production processes. Specializing in technology development and process integration based on proprietary membrane solutions, its efficient designs reduce energy and water consumption in fuel ethanol and other renewable fuel and chemical production processes. Whitefox provides solutions for alcohol producers in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and South America.